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Lifestyle Superfecta VIP

Lifestyle Superfecta VIP

Includes 1 tub of Neuro1, 2 tubs of Lean1, 1 bottle of Sleep1 and 1 bottle of Multi1.

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Meal Plan
  • Breakfast Breakfast

    Burn1™ (one serving) first thing in the morning on an empty stomach Oats with blueberries

  • Snack Snack

    Lean1™ (one serving)

  • Lunch Lunch

    Slim1™ (one serving) 60 minutes before a meal. Brown rice with grilled chicken and veggies

  • Snack Snack

    Tbsp of almond butter apple

  • Dinner Dinner

    Lean1™ (one serving) blended with frozen fruits

Workout Plan
  • Work plan

    60 minutes brisk walking - 5x a week
    Weight lifting - 3x a week